Because Green Hydrogen is the energy source that makes the difference

Because the world needs energy to move, develop and grow. The challenge is for that energy to be produced sustainably; only that way we can contribute to decarbonize the global energy matrix.

H2V is produced with renewable energy sources and Chile has a unique opportunity to take advantage of its incomparable conditions of solar radiation in the north and winds in the south, with which it can produce up to 70 times more energy than it consumes.

Exporting energy to the world and promoting local development

Given its enormous renewable potential, Chile is expected to become one of the world's main exporters of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives.

We believe that development of the green hydrogen industry is an opportunity for a new development hub that will make the Magallanes Region stronger.

National Green Hydrogen Strategy


Chile has the potential to produce 70 times more energy than it consumes.


Chile's renewable energy generation potential.


The energy production target for electrolysis established in the H2V Strategy for Chile to become a global leader in H2V.


We know that developing pioneering energy in Magallanes cannot be done without its community. Do you have any questions? We invite you to share your concerns and contact us!