HNH Energy Magallanes

The HNH Energy project is represented by a consortium whose partners specialize in the development, construction and operation of renewable projects and their respective infrastructure in different parts of the world.

HNH Energy's partners

An Austrian company with a presence in Spain, Italy and Chile that has developed over 1,000 MW in photovoltaic and wind power projects worldwide. In Chile, it is currently developing a new wind farm in Los Lagos Region.

An investment fund based in Denmark that is exclusively focused on renewable energies. It is present in 10 countries and has raised EUR 19 billion in its 10 years of existence, with a project portfolio of over 90GW.

A pioneering Austrian renewable energy company dedicated to the development, construction and operation of wind, hydroelectric and solar power plants. It has developed multiple wind farms in Austria with a capacity of 110 MW in the last 15 years.


We know that developing pioneering energy in Magallanes cannot be done without its community. Do you have any questions? We invite you to share your concerns and contact us!