Over 200 students from vocational schools in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales went to Porvenir to participate in the 1st Vocational Orientation Fair, organized by the Magallanes Technical Training Center (CFT).

The event included participation by companies from the region and projects that are being developed in the area, who told the students about the opportunities in different industries.

The CFT director and the organizer of the event, Christian Quezada, said that “the idea is for students to get to know the current experience and needs that the industry requires in terms of appropriate technical staff trained according to the projections of the different sectors, in addition to our academic offering.”

In this context, HNH Energy - as part of its challenge of connecting with the training of human capital from the initial stages - offered 3 talks to different groups of students inform them of the challenge that the Green Hydrogen industry presents in the region.


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