We invite you to learn more about how green ammonia is produced in the following video

Renewable ammonia for the energy transition

Located in the commune of San Gregorio, it takes advantage of the unique conditions of the Magallanes Region, whose intense winds offer a sustainable solution to the global climate crisis.

Contributing to a cleaner planet with green ammonia from Magallanes

Project Process

The pillars of HNH Energy are environmental responsibility and commitment with communities and local development. For this reason, we are working to develop a sustainable project.

2019 – 24

Project design, EIA and early participation

Technical definitions and elaboration of the Environmental Impact Study, which includes baseline guidelines, engineering and early participation, among others.

2024 – 26

SEIA and sectoral permits

Evaluation of the EIA, considering additional studies, community relations, more detailed engineering and obtaining permits.

2027 – 30


Maintaining the relationship with the community.



Production of the first ammonia molecule.


We know that developing pioneering energy in Magallanes cannot be done without its community. Do you have any questions? We invite you to share your concerns and contact us!